InRoads XML & Site Modeler kurser med Lisa Whitson, Bentley USA

Bentley Danmark afholder i september 2010 to InRoads XML kurser (Bacis og Advanced) med Lisa Whitson, Bentley USA. Lisa Whitson er en af Bentleys ekspert indenfor XML området og er kendt for at være meget inspirerende. 
Edmundo Herrera deltog sidste års Nordic Civil konference i Vejle og på baggrund af flere brugers efterspøgelse for undervisning i XML, at Edmundo Herrera nu kommer til Danmark igen for at dele hans passion for XML og de mange muligheder som XML åbner op for. Desværre kunne Edmundo Herrera ikke komme, men Lisa Whitson er en rigitg god erstatning.
De 2 kurser som Bentley Danmark tilbyder, er:
Report Generation and Design Techniques with InRoads XML (3 days)
6.-8. September 2010
Price: 10.775 DKK (ex. 25% VAT)
Introduction to InRoads V8i Site Modeler (2 days)
9.- 10. September 2010
Price: 7.185,- DKK (ex. 25% VAT)
Report Generation and Design Techniques with InRoads XML (3 days)
This course teaches users how to make the most of the XML reporting capabilities in InRoads/ BRT. You will learn how to use the XML output to create project reports and incorporate XML into the design workflow. This course includes numerous workflows where XML report data is used for other purposes such as quantity calculations. This course focuses both on how to use previously defined XML stylesheets to create useful reports and design techniques as well as how to write and customize XML stylesheets and create custom report formats.
Introduction to InRoads V8i Site Modeler (2 days)
This course teaches users how to use the new Site Modeler tool in InRoads, can be used for real advanced grading projects in an extremely simplistic and dynamic manner. This course will show the easiness in creating and editing extremely complex platforms and how all their elements can easily be added, copied, modified and assigned properties. It will also demonstrate how engineering decisions can easily be achieved in real life projects, such as mining, road and site grading. Key features of all the grading concepts will include the creation of constant and dynamic sideslopes, cut/fill balancing, dependencies, referencing association, elevation associations, benching, instantaneous merging, pool/pond design, immediate longitudinal slope elements, complex volumetrics made easy, visualization properties, changes in order of construction and creation of digital terrain models.
For the two classes the following applies:

  • Edmundo Herrera will be the training instructor.
  • Max. 10 users per class
  • The training will be open for all users and be in English

Training will take place on this address:
Grontmij | Carl Bro, Granskoven 8, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark
Send en email til: eller ring til Tine Lai på +45 4541 2525, hurtigst muligt